Glacéau Smartwater Launch

All waters are equal, but some waters are more equal than others…

If you were to draw up a list of new products that needed to be launched right now, a new water brand would probably not feature very high on that list and yet last week saw the arrival of Glacéau Smartwater to UK shores. Glacéau Smartwater (already established in the US in 1996) is vapour distilled from British spring water with electrolytes added to help provide a unique clean, crisp taste. added electrolytes. 


Over the pond, actress Jennifer Anniston is the brand ambassador, however it was launched in the UK by Pop Princess Kylie Minogue who stressed the importance of staying hydrated during her up coming tour. Although it may be the new kid on the block it’s clear that Glacéau Smartwater intends to be a big player in the UK water market and bring a fresh approach. Those at the launch were treated to a variety of thought-provoking experiences, curated by experts, for a smarter mind and body, including a unique tasting hosted by europe’s only water sommelier, Arno Steguweit and tricks on how to live a smart lifestyle with John Paul Flintoff (school of life and ted talks alumni).


The water that hales from northumberland, will be shying away from the more traditional bottle sizes and will be available in 600ml and 850ml bottles in the UK as of this month. 

To check out what else was happening at the launch, take a look at this video from implausible blog.


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