Give Your Groom’s Suit The Best Finishing Touches

Do you know that on average a groom spends around £140 on a hired suit, which is about 10 times less than the average spending for the bride’s wedding dress? While it’s true that most people consider the wedding to be the bride’s day, it would be unfair to ignore your involvement as a groom. Ultimately, the groom is as much entitled to look and feel good on his special day than any bride. Consequently, it’s time to look at the best ways to give your suit the finishing touches it needs to make the day unforgettable.

The classic choice of colours

You might not have considered it, but as a groom, you have the advantage of a vast palette of colours. Most brides tend to be limited in their choices, as it’s fairly common for specialist bridal wear boutiques to offer most options in white, cream and champagne colours. As a groom, you can be more adventurous in your choice of suit. Navy blue is a common and elegant choice that breaks the traditional black and looks very trendy. For a modern touch, you can pick a royal blue shade instead. For a suit that looks and feels as comfortable as your everyday clothes, grey – charcoal, medium or light – is a good option.

The creative suit

What if you want to bring a wave of creativity to your wedding day? You can make a James Bond’s revival with a black tie ensemble and a playful bow tie which will look both stylish and classic at the same time. Light coloured suit are a subtle reminder that you too are the hero of the day, using pale grey, beige and cream colours to match the bridal wear. Finally, you can learn some essential fashion lessons from Matt Smith’s Doctor by introducing a mismatched suit, with a patterned tie or bow tie.

Add a luxury detail

Nobody is going to stop you from looking your best. And this means that you can have a look for quality accessories for your suit. If you’ve decided against a jacket and prefer to stick to waistcoat and trousers, why not use a pair of elegant braces from a handmade tailor shop – they’ll be at the right size? If you’re not a braces fan, you can have a look at these gorgeous Deakin & Francis gold cufflinks which bring the right touch of shine to your outfit. Another great detail that can transform a dull suit into a world class fashion phenomenon is to use a silk handkerchief in your breast pocket.

What shoes with your suit?

Finally, there’s no need preparing your suit if you don’t stop to think about your shoes. Make it special and order a pair of quality, handmade leather shoes from Tucci Polo Luxury Shoes. Made to fit your foot exactly, they’ll make you feel like you’re walking on a light cloud all day long! Besides, it’s a better choice than using your everyday work uniform. After all, your wedding day deserves only the best.

In conclusion, don’t waste the opportunity to shine on your wedding day. From suit to shoes, you can make sure that nobody forgets how fashionable the groom can be.



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