Getting Your Startup Noticed

It’s estimated that 80 new businesses start up every single hour. In many ways, this is fantastic. Starting a business gives people the chance to do something for themselves, to take a chance on something that they love, to work when other commitments mean they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. It’s great for the economy as more people are earning money, and it’s great for society, as more services are available. It can also be great for supportive business communities. New starts help each other navigate the pitfalls of starting up on their own. There are more resources and more support than there has ever been before. But, it also means that there is much more competition. Of these 80 businesses starting every hour, not all of them will be completely different, and very few of them will offer something totally new.

So, while it’s easier than ever to startup on your own, it can be much harder to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Here are some tips to help you.

Get Out There

The internet is great, and we’ll talk more about it later as there is no doubt that it’s a valuable tool to getting your business noticed. But, it’s by no means the only way. So many new startups are now ignoring old-fashioned marketing and approaches and focusing all of their attention online. Go against the grain. Get out there in the real world. Attend craft fayres and business shows, with fantastic innovative Exhibition Stand Design. Go to networking meetings and lunches and attend any conventions and conferences in your niche. Get business cards printed, and perfect your elevator pitch. Meet people in real life, make a fantastic impression and tell people what you do. Sometimes, nothing beats face to face contact.

Social Media

Social media is how most new businesses build a large following quickly. Get profiles for your business on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, use your branding, add a snappy profile and tagline and start connecting with others.

But, never forget that there is a huge difference between followers and engagement. You could have hundreds and thousands of followers, but if none of them ever connect with you, click your links or show an interest in your services, they are worthless. Don’t grow your numbers just for the sake of it; it means nothing. Instead, spend time chatting with people, sharing relevant content and helping where you can. Build a small following of engaged readers and then grow from there.

Influencer Marketing
Many big brands and companies are a little behind when it comes to influencer marketing. They fail to realise that bloggers and social media influencers have a larger following than many magazines, or that they have genuine, trusting relationships with their readers. As a new business, you can benefit here. Find bloggers in your niche. Those that would enjoy your products and services. Get in touch with them and find ways that you can work together, that are beneficial to both of you. Get other small businesses involved and find ways that you can all help each other grow.


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