Galvin Brothers X Jameson

When we find a hobby that we truly love, we are always willing to invest time and money into it sometimes beyond what others might deem reasonable. And in the UK, drinking is definitely a hobby that fits into this mould. Fortunately Galvin Brothers are on hand to feed the nations obsession and give you something else to splurge on.


Taking inspiration from the whiskey making process, Galvin Brothers have teamed up with Jameson Irish Whiskey to create a collection that seeks to enhance the drinking experience. With it being handcrafted from solid sustainable European Oak and using traditional joinery techniques.

Matthew Galvin, designer at Galvin Brothers commented: “After our visit to the Jameson distillery, we wanted to create a space that reflected the true quality, craft and passion that is put into the whiskey making process. It made sense for us to use copper and wood, which are key materials involved in the Jameson distillery process but to also create a distinct, intimate, sociable and functional space for whiskey to be enjoyed in.”


The result is a beautiful collection  available to buy online now!


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