Frugal Fun: Have a Fulfilling Lifestyle Without Breaking The Bank

Money can be tricky to manage, most of us feel as though we could use more of it at times- regardless of how much we earn. Whether you’re looking to get out of debt, save money or just stop being wasteful, there are ways you can tighten the belt and still have fun without spending a tonne of money. Here are some ideas.

Plan Free Days Out

It’s so easy to think that a fun day out needs to involve paying for things like theme parks, the zoo, safari parks, aquariums, water parks and much more. And while these can be a nice treat every now and again, you certainly don’t need to splash out every weekend. There’s lots you can do without spending a penny, or just paying a little for car parking. Parks, gardens, museums, the beach, bike rides and much more all make incredible days out for families or couples. Bring along a ball or frisbee, a kite, your bikes or whatever else will make the day more enjoyable. If you invest in a roof box you can easily haul all of these kinds of things without having to squash everything into the car. Camping is another option, there’s loads to do from bird watching to fishing to orienteering. Once you have your basic equipment, it’s something you can do time and time again without having to spend much at all.

Pack Your Own Lunch

Whenever you’re going to be out for the day, pack your own lunch. Going to a restaurant, a cafe, even popping into a supermarket to buy ready made foods when you’re out can be pricey. Invest in a good cool box or bag and some ice packs and it will last you forever. Some sandwiches and snacks will keep you satisfied and mean you won’t need to pay through the nose. Inexpensive pastries like sausage rolls, crisps, homemade chilled pasta and salads won’t cost much at all. The same applies to drinks, fill some bottles with squash and drink these instead of paying a fortune for drinks while you’re out and about. You could all sit together and have it picnic style- just as nice as sitting in a cafe but for a fraction of the cost.

Make Your Money Work Harder

Since you will be saving money by tightening the belt, it makes sense that you would put this cash to best use. If you’re saving to pay debt, it can be worth saving up a little and then offering a settlement fee to your creditors. If you have been paying off your debt for a while, creditors will often accept a lower amount- sometimes even less than half of what you owe- if you can pay a lump sum. If you’re saving for longer term goals, making smart investments is a good option. You could check out cryptocurrencies such as ethereum predictions and see what kinds of returns you could make on your money. The quicker you can grow your money, the quicker you will reap the rewards of living frugally today.

A little forward planning can save you a heap of money, and you won’t have to feel like you’re missing out in any way! Most of the time getting out with the family is what you make of it, go into it with a positive attitude and you can make memories that last without breaking the bank.


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