From Fashion Fan To Full-Time Fashion Blogger In 5 Simple Steps

So, you love clothes and think you already know a thing or two about the world of fashion. Want to take this passion even further and put all of your knowledge out into the big wide world? There’s no better way to do that than by setting up your own fashion blog and publishing insightful articles for the whole world to see. You never know, you might even be able to make it as a full-time fashion blogger if you manage to make the blog a huge hit.

Does that sound like the life you want to lead? Here are five sartorial steps that can help you get there!

Work Your Website

First of all, you need to set up a website for your blog. Don’t worry if you are a complete technophobe, there are lots of people, like the guys at Carden IT Services, who can answer any of your IT questions. But if you sign up for a hosting platform like Squarespace or WordPress, you will find that there are plenty of site templates that can help you layout and set up your very own website without any previous experience.

Find Your Niche

In order for your fashion blog to stand out, you need to find a niche for it. What will your speciality be? Maybe plus-sized fashion or city fashion? Giving your blog a specific angle such as one of these will help it stand out from the thousands of other blogs that saturate the web.

Improve Picture Quality

There’s no point using pictures from your smartphone on your website. The quality and resolution of the images won’t be good enough and they will look quite unprofessional. It’s a good idea to invest in a DSLR, especially if you want to try and become a professional blogger. After all, the whole point of a fashion blog is the images – they will make or break it!

Interact With Your Audience

In order to keep your audience coming back to read all of your new blog posts, you need to engage and interact with them. So, if someone leaves you a comment under a post, make sure you reply to them. It’s also important that you engage with as many of your social media followers as possible as this will encourage people to visit your blog.

Watch Your Analytics

Once you launch your website, the hosting platform will start to collect a lot of data about all of the different visitors who land on your site. This data and information are known as analytics. When you check your analytics, you will see how many visitors browsed your website each day and what they looked at. You will be able to see their location, age, and sex. It’s important to keep a close eye on the analytics as they give you insights into what kind of posts are working and attracting the most traffic to your site.

Follow these steps and you’ll be fashion famous in no time at all!


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