• Should Live Music Be More Important Now Spotify Is On The Scene?

    It’d be fair to say that the majority of industries have changed in recent years. Business has gone online, and socialising has turned media. But, few industries have experienced a transformation as extreme as music. The music world as we […]

  • Five Ways To Celebrate St Patrick’s Day This Weekend!

    We’ve all got that one friend that likes to moan once a year about how St George’s Day should be celebrated as much as St Patrick’s day, but at the end of the day Irish people are more fun than […]

  • 5 Crazy Things You Never Knew About Pearls

    They seem flawless and smooth but they’re actually as rough as sandpaper. They may look flawless and spherical but they’re technically never, ever round. They’re one of the most beautiful products of nature, yet they’re the oyster’s equivalent of a […]

  • Netpix: Bushwick

    We sift through the Netflix ocean, so you don’t have to… Review Rating: 1/10 Staring: David Bautista, Brittany Snow & Angelic Zambrana Genre: Action Thriller When to watch: NEVER! I’m serious, never watch this film under any circumstance. Plot synopsis: […]

  • From Day Out To Dream Job

    For a lot of people, their teen and younger years are far too busy to leave time for thinking about the future. Instead, young people live in the moment, enjoying the free time they have during school and holidays. Of […]

  • Get Out: Book Yourself In for an “Ignorant” Tattoo

    You may not of heard him but you just might of seen some of his work. Fuzi UVTPK is a graffiti artist turned tattooist who’s self named “Ignorant Style” mirrors that of his street art, which he originally started creating […]

  • Netpix: Power (Series)

    We sift through the Netflix ocean, so you don’t have to… Review Rating: 7/10* Starring: Omari Hardwick, Lela Loren, Naturi Naughton, 50 Cent & Joseph Sikora Genre: Crime Drama When to watch: Somewhere comfortable. They’ve just entered the fourth season, […]

  • XWHY Fresh: BHF Blenheim Palace Run

    If you are anything like me, then your summer so far has all been about drinking, sunbathing and trying not quit your job and go travelling so you can do the first two every day! As we reach the summer […]

  • Pete Tong live at Chinawhite @ Henley Royal Regatta

    With the summer solstice having come and gone the days are getting shorter and the pessimists of you out there might be already focussing on the long winter of 2017 ahead, but having taken a look at our summer diaries it’s clear to […]

  • Netpix: The Good Lie

    We sift through the Netflix ocean, so you don’t have to… Review Rating: 7/10 Staring: Arnold Oceng, Reese Witherspoon, Ger Duany & Emmanuel Jal Genre: Drama When to watch: A lazy Sunday afternoon on the sofa Plot synopsis: The films follows […]