Fresh Birthday Gift Ideas For The Speed Demon In Your Life

It’s that time of year again when you need to start thinking about what to get for your other half as their birthday is appearing on the horizon. Some people are just ridiculously difficult to buy for. When you politely try and discover what it is they might fancy unwrapping on the morning of their birthday, not a hint is divulged. It’s up to you to think outside the box and try to present them with the most mind-blowing gift known to mankind. If your nearest and dearest is a bit of a speed demon and loves nothing more than the thrill of speed and power, take a look at these ideas to inspire your choice of gift.

Formula 1 Day

If you really want to get in the good books of your partner, why not treat them to a day at the racetrack. We’re not talking the gee-gees, but the four-wheeled Formula 1 machines that power their way through chicanes, bomb it down straights and take hairpin corners under more G-force than you can shake a stick at. The sound of the engines, the smell of the burning rubber and the sight of the world’s finest racing drivers competing will bring a smile to the face of the recipient.

Driving Experience

There are a ridiculous number of driving experiences available as gifts. You could purchase a rally car experience, a day out exploring a wealth of terrain on quad bikes, a Harley Davidson day or you could even purchase some expert tuition from a specialist who can teach your loved one how to generate the fastest lap time when racing around a track in a Ferrari 458. These experience days are always led by exceptional instructors and involve a certain level of concentration by the person attending.

If this sounds like it’s too instructor-led, why not research your local performance car hire firm? These act like any other car rental outfit albeit with unbelievably powerful and expensive vehicles. You could hire a Porsche 918 Spyder, a Ferrari Enzo or a McLaren P1 for the day. The possibilities are endless. The birthday boy or girl could soon be spending their birthday in one of the finest supercars on the planet.

Take Off

You don’t have to be resigned to the fact that you are going to be purchasing a driving experience for your partner. Although they may love the day out, the chances are that something a little less grounded might be a tad more special. Why not think about taking to the skies? You could book an introductory flying lesson, a ride in a helicopter or an evening at an indoor skydiving aerodrome. While they don’t involve four wheels, they do involve speed and adrenaline-inducing antics as well as providing a birthday gift that they won’t forget in a hurry.

If you’re stuck when it comes to birthday present ideas for the speed freak in your life, utilise some of these fresh alternatives to inspire your thinking.



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