Fred Perry X 100 Club


Fred Perry announce their partnership with the UKs longest-standing independent live music venue, The 100 Club. Since opening in 1942, The 100 Club has championed all music scenes from blues and punk, to reggae and Britpop–and everything in between. It now holds a special place within British music and subculture. Since first opening on Oxford Street in the ‘40s as a jazz club, the legendary venue has played host to music legends past and present, including the likes of The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, Sir Paul McCartney, Blur, The Libertines. Fred Perry has always had a unique relationship with music, which informs the brand to this day, with the iconic Fred Perry shirt being adopted by British subcultures for over 60 years.


With The 100 Club and Fred Perry linked by their place in British subcultural history, their long-standing relationship officially began a decade ago when Fred Perry held their first gig at The 100 Club: an intimate performance by British music icon Paul Weller. Other memorable Fred Perry gigs include The Specials, Marc Almond, Graham Coxon, and Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson. The news arrives as The 100 Club celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2017, but also at a time when independent, grassroots venues are at severe risk: 35% of London’s grassroots music venues have been lost since 2007. Music helps make London a dynamic city. Our music scene is second to none and this decline needs to stop if London is going to continue to be a city that nurtures, creates and enjoys a world famous live music scene.



Music Venue Trust “Music brings people together from all walks of life, and I feel very lucky and incredibly proud
to say that The 100 Club has played a special part in the development of the British music scene for the last 75 years. Working with Fred Perry, a brand so synonymous with music and subculture, feels like the perfect fit for us and allows us to keep adding to the club’s legacy. It might be my name above the door, but this club is owned by everyone who has ever come through the doors, from the acts on stage, the crew and staff to the kids bouncing up and down on the dancefloor. I’m simply the guardian for the next generation.” Jeff Horton, The 100 Club With their respective places firmly established in the heart of British music history, this partnership celebrates a joint cultural legacy. Fred Perry are set to announce live performances from both icons of the British music scene and exciting new talent. The first gig of the year will be in April 2017, with performances from London newcomers, Cosmo Pyke and Bakar, and a DJ set from Throwing Shade.

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