#FOUND – Tumi

TUMI – A deeper look at a much updated brand

So, yeah, Tumi has been around for basically forever, compared to our usual slightly under the radar brands that we showcase in our #FOUND section.

But, we thought, seeing as they’re having a bit of a revival, it’d probably be worth talking about them.

Founded in 1975, the brand became known for its military-inspired nylon travel bags. Since then, they’ve been producing sturdy and functional luggage pieces.

In a nice,  but related side-step, though, we’ve noticed something of a revamp. As quality leather and monochromed styles have grown in their appeal, Tumi have taken pains to keep up with the current leanings.

Check out some of their current collections:

Santa Monica

Tumi 1 Tumi 2 Tumi 3 Tumi 4


Alpha Bravo

Tumi Tumi alpha 2 Tumi alpha 3


Beacon Hill

Tumi XWHYBeacon 1 Beacon 3 Beacon 4


They also have a registering and monogramming service…

Head over to their WEBSITE for more details and products.

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