#Found: Odd Fellow Company x Draught Dry Goods

Not a Brand of the Week as such, but a collaborative hit just the same…

Odd Fellow Company is a new project by Casey Oney and Aaron Settlemier, established in 2013 and yet to produce an autonomous collection…(watch this space folks)…

Draught Dry Goods you may already be familiar with, for it’s quality craftmanship and environment friendly ethos – they’re all about sustainability without the fugly hemp-factor.

Anyway, in the lead up to a debut collection, due to hit us later on this year, Odd Fellow Company has paired up with Draught to produce these stand out varsity jackets.

Slim fit design, high-end leather and wool fabrics – these are the real deal. We especially loved the waxed option – it’s sports luxe meets shooting party.

Draught Dry Goods XWHY Magazine b485de3278e5b328-ODDFELLOW_FRANCESMAY1

Draught Dry Goods products can be purchased on their ONLINE STORE. Items from the collaboration can also be found on Need Supply Co.



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