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XWHY grabs a chat with MeishMellow founder Daniel Miles.

What’s the deal?

I started MeishMellow during my time at uni as a way to document the photos and videos that I made and it has basically grown from there. It had always been an aspiration of mine to create a clothing brand. I found myself playing around with different designs in my spare time, but it wasn’t until 2011 that I finally decided to bite the bullet and start producing clothing as an extension of the brand. 
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As a team we strive to make goods that embody the ethos of the brand, creating a positive attitude and philosophy for the wearer to align themselves with. MeishMellow is a product of passion, created as a way to express our creativity. We produce pieces that embody ideas that we believe are worth sharing. 

What’s the dream? 

Change the world…? Ha! The brand is pretty much based on the ethos that everyone should follow their dreams, so as soon as we have the financial capabilities, we’d like to focus more on becoming a social enterprise by funding youth projects.
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In a game of embarrassing situations, who would you rather WASNT caught doing the dirty in one of your t-shirts: Kanye West getting booed for his terrible rant at Wireless or Jay-Z getting beaten up in a lift?

Kanye’s rant was ridiculous, but sorry Jay, getting beaten up by your sister in-law is not a great look.

What’s in it for the girls?

Although the brand and products are predominantly aimed at men, a number of girls have bought t-shirts from us. They look pretty hot with a pair of boyfriend jeans or even worn oversized over tight trousers. In fact, some girls have even customised them to create a more feminine fit. However, as we grow we definitely want to develop a women’s range too. boxedlined MeishMellow

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Lately I’ve been dressing down and going stealth (mainly due to doing street photography, as I need to blend in and stay anonymous). I love my black Levi 510’s (I have weird proportioned legs and find these fit me the best) teamed with some comfy sneakers. damask I’ve been wearing my Nike Mayfly’s a lot. And, of course, I top it off with a MeishMellow 740 club – suits t-shirt . I love this shirt because of what the 740 Club stands for. The city workers in the suits that I photographed for this shirt reminded me of a lot of Reservoir Dogs.  06 MeishMellow XWHY
Check out the rest of the MeishMellow wares by visiting their ONLINE STORE. And keep an eye out for future pop up shops by following them on TWITTER or FACEBOOK.
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