#FOUND – Libertine Libertine

Copenhagen-born Libertine Libertine is XWHY’s brand of the week

Libertine Libertine came into the world in 2009 in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. As you might expect from the ever cerebral, pensive Danes, their website claims the brand was founded on the principles of existentialism.

Quite how you crowbar Sartre into a t-shirt, we’re not entirely sure, but we’re happy to pay attention while someone tries.

Philosophy aside for a minute, we actually just kinda like the stuff – which is the only principle we deem particularly necessary when buying clothes. Philistines, we know…

The quality of the material is visible even in their lookbook shots and the details on the roll-ups are a nice touch.

Here’s a look at their Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 collection:

Libertine Libertine 39_ll-ss14-mens-lookbook-raw6070-1 Libertine LibertineLibertine Libertine 39_ll-ss14-packshots-raw3516Libertine Libertine Libertine Libertine 39_ll-ss14-packshots-raw3597 39_ll-ss14-packshots-raw3601 39_ll-ss14-packshots-raw3615 39_ll-ss14-packshots-raw3622 39_ll-ss14-packshots-raw3662


Shop Libertine Libertine HERE


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