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#Found – COLVMNS

XWHY’s search for the best, unique, up-and-coming clothing brands. This week – COLVMNS

New and steeped in mystery. COLVMNS is a brand of very few words. Created by artist, designer and typographer Samuel Johnson, along with David Holland, the duo have so far left the clothes, and the odd Instagram video do the talking.

The aesthetic is very similar to a lot of the things we’ve posted in the #FOUND section on XWHY, but these guys have captured that typography-come-screen print quality pretty beautifully.

Items are already available to buy on the STORE section of their site. In the mean time, have a wee look at some of the products below…

COLVMNS clothing brand XWHY samueljohnson_colvmns8 samueljohnson_colvmns13 samueljohnson_colvmns17 samueljohnson_colvmns18 samueljohnson_colvmns20

Buy online now at

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