Flappy Bird – Killing Brain Cells at the Tap of a Touchscreen

Hailed as the new Angry Birds, Flappy Bird has just become the most downloaded app of January 2014. This makes us want to vomit in a bush and throw our smartphones out the window…

As if we needed any more evidence that the world’s collective attention span is waning like the last Jaffa cake.

Much like Tinder is dating for the cerebrally challenged, Flappy Birds is the latest mindlessness to come out of Korea’s app market. A game that is as illogical as it is unwinnable.

With graphics that are an almost admirably audacious rip off of Super Mario Brothers – complete with the familiar green pipes – the aim of the game is to tap your finger like a mad person and steer the little yellow cyclops through the tangle of sky dwelling plumbing until it eventually, inevitably dies.

Flappy Bird

Here’s a tip for nought, banging your head against a brick wall would probably be a less frustrating way of killing off just as many brain cells.

Download it IMMEDIATELY.


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