Finishing Education: The First Major Crossroads In Life

School may be a busy time for all of us, especially in the last few years. The final push through all the coursework and assignments and projects, the last stretch before you finally gain your independence. What comes after is entirely up to you, which is excellent, but keep in mind that life is not a straight road from this point onwards. You come to a fork in the road, and that fork has happens to have around three or more prongs. By the time you finish high school, chances are you might have a general direction you want to pursue, somewhere in your head. However, before you make the leap into whatever field you are interested in, you should think about the pros and cons of all the options. Let’s look at some of the more common options which young people after school or college tend to stick with.

Further education

If you are the more academically-suited type of person and you feel like school is your second home, why not take advantage of that and pursue further seeking of knowledge? Later on in life, when you start working and probably move out of your parent’s house somewhere, there might not always be time to educate yourself. Both financial and time constraints become more and more apparent the further you stray from your school days, so if you wish to go on to university, or go on a few courses, then you should strongly consider doing them before you go on to the working world.

An apprenticeship

Some people have a much more hands-on approach and do not mix with books too well, seeing education as more of a chore than a means of learning. If you do not have much of an entrepreneur-esque game plan for the moment and you’re not seeing yourself making big bucks with some business scheme, chances are that apprenticeships are the best thing for you. Being able to learn in the workplace and have some hands-on experience while still being able to gain some qualifications in the process seems like the perfect combination, but there is a small catch. Chances are you will be getting paid rather minimal amounts, and it would not sustain you like a regular job would, which is understandable considering that an apprenticeship could be easily treated as extended education. Not to mention, it will also count as work experience when seeking further employment.

Getting to work

This option does not tend to be the most popular one of the bunch, because it quickly introduces people to the harsh realities of everyday life, as opposed to slowly easing them into it. When you get that nine-to-five and taste the struggle of having to go in to work every day, which if you are not mentally prepared, might feel dreadful. However, if you have a plan brewing in your mind the moment you set foot out of high school or even earlier, and simply cannot wait to go and tackle the big wide world, then this is just the thing you’ve been waiting for. Being able to finally walk your own path, having the money to move out, meeting people and gaining possible opportunities by making connections. Some people say it’s the smartest and best decision they’ve made.


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