Find The Best Employees For Your Business

Many employers rush the hiring process. They put out an ad on Indeed and possibly even stick a ‘we’re hiring’ notice in the window of the premises and then wait for the applicants to contact them. You’ll find applicants this way, but it’s unlikely you’ll find the very best applicants. This requires more forward planning and commitment – instead of letting the perfect employees come to you, it’s likely you’ll need to do some scouting yourself. Here are a few tricks that will help you to get the best applicants signing up.

Use specialist recruitment companies

If you’re thinking about paying a recruitment company, don’t just settle for your local agency. Find a specialist recruitment company that will be able to supply you applicants that have the key talents you’re looking for. If you’re looking to hire a payroll administrator, use payroll recruitment consultants that can help you to find applicants within that niche. Read reviews of recruitment companies on the web so that you know which ones are reliable and most likely to find your dream employee.

Advertise in key locations

Think about the types of places that your ideal applicant is likely to hang out. If you’re looking for someone with programming knowledge, consider visiting IT job fairs, Hackathons and web programming classes. Post flyers in university campus buildings in which web programming is taught and contact web programming software companies and get them to post about your vacancy on social media. This will help you to locate that niche talent that you’re after.

Let visitors to your website know

Some of the best employees are the ones that don’t simply reply to a job ad, but contact you directly. This shows true enthusiasm to work with your company and intuition. Most of these applicants will visit your website to find your contact details. Placing a ‘we’re hiring’ advert may help to encourage these kind of applicants to get in touch. You could even create a ‘jobs’ section on your website for jobseekers to apply.

Get help from your current employees

If you have current employees, it’s possible that they may know of someone suited to the roles that you’re advertising. This could be a friend or an ex-colleague. You can ensure that this person will get on with the team if they have been recommended by one of your current employees.

Emphasise your company’s perks

The best applicants know that they’re good enough to get the job – they’re not just looking for an employer that lists off requirements, they’re looking for an employer that offers incentives to work for them. Make sure that your job ad isn’t putting people off by not detailing any perks. Let applicants know about the advantages of working for you whether it’s the opportunity to work in a glamorous setting, the opportunity to earn bonuses or incentives such as a work phone or company car. Come across like a friendly and approachable company to work for, whilst still listing the requirements you’re looking for.


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