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They call themselves a “progressive retail store concept” – erm, sure.

But despite the slightly aggrandising terminology, we do really like what they’ve got going on. Essentially, it’s chain of shops that exists in Germany and the Netherlands (oh, and one in Japan) that houses a number of different brands and has regular discounts and offers.

As well as their own brands MTWTFSS Weekday and MTWTFSS Collection, they’ve also got offerings from the likes of Cheap Monday, Christophe Lamaire and Örjan Andersson.

Their online shop is pretty rad too. The idea is to find the current date on their homepage and click through to see what’s on offer. Today, for example, they’ve got this Cheap Monday Bruce Skull T-Shirt at an amazing £5, down from £20. Grab it while you can folks.

cheap monday bruce skull

Anyway, head on over to WEEKDAY and have a look for yourself. Find more of the stuff they offer below…

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