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Sandqvist – Brand in Focus

As you’ve probably gathered, we’ve got  a healthy affection for the Scandinavians. This week’s brand in focus is a Swedish bag company, Sandqvist.

The Nordic influence is clear in the brand’s manufacturing ethos. These bags are designed to be functional, practical, lightweight; they are made with durable, flexible material and are uncomplicated and unfussy in their structure. The sort of bag you could just as easily use on a hill rambling trip as you could to navigate a bustling city.


That being said, they are intended for an urban environment and have largely been adopted for such use. Those with half a brain won’t miss the similarities to blockbuster brand Herschel. The premise for founding both brands was very similar. But the Sandqvist bags have a stripped-down essentialism about them that Herschel, as a company, has moved past.

They might be Scandinavian in their inspiration, but they have a much wider influence. Sandqvist is enormously popular in Japan, featuring in the prominent Men’s Joker and Fudge Japanese magazines. And we all know that if the Japanese are doing it, it’s probably cool….even if we don’t understand.

Have a look at some of the designs from their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection below:

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Visit the Sandqvist site and store HERE

And check out their Facebook page for updates.

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