Find of the Week: P&Co.

P&Co., a relatively young menswear brand, has caught our eye this week.

Their mission statement decrees a love for traditional, vintage Britain, mixed with an admiration for streetwear and the modern minimalist aesthetic.

While these elements might strike you as a bizarre combination, for the most part, P&Co. strikes an attractive balance.

We’re particularly drawn to the typography that they’ve used in some of their simpler t-shirts. They play into that simple, linear, print-inspired aesthetic that is so popular at the moment.

Some of the designs are a little bit too morbid for our usual taste – lots of coffin and skull imagery – but on the whole, there is some real promise. We look forward to seeing more from this brand.

Check out some of their designs below:






All images courtesy of P&Co. Check out their site: HERE,



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