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Find of the Week: Patta

As the XWHY brand of the week, we’ve chosen Patta, a Dutch store and collaborative clothing brand based in Amsterdam

Patta clothing XWHY Magazine

Patta’s Amsterdam doors have actually been open since 2004, but it was only in the last week, after they opened a pop up shop in Covent Garden, that they appeared on our radar.

Originally a showcase for some of the best streetwear brands (Converse, Huf, Asics, New Balance etc), they also now have their own in-house designs and collaborations…oh and a running team!

Check out the Patta own-brand Winter 2013 collection below:

Patta XWHY Magazine patta_fw2013_4_web patta_fw2013_5_web patta_fw2013_6_web patta_fw2013_8_web patta_fw2013_10_web patta_fw2013_11_web patta_fw2013_12_web patta_fw2013_13_web patta_fw2013_16_web patta_fw2013_17_webPhotography: Menno Kok for the Patta blog.


For just four days, Patta inhabited 53 Monmouth Street, with exclusive items making a London debut. Four days is a brief slot, for sure, but it was long enough to win over a few hearts and minds of the London streetwear set. We definitely hope they make regular future appearances.

Patta-London-LR-1-1024x682 Patta clothing XWHY magazinePhotography: Magdi Fernandes

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