Find of the Week: Norse Projects

As much as it pains us to admit it, it looks like Autumn might actually be upon us. The upshot to this horrible news is that we can once again whack out the colourful knitwear.

Dust off your grandmother’s last Christmas present, learn to use the needles yourself or – a much simpler option – check out our brand of the week, Norse Projects.

We’re still doing this whole minimalism thing aren’t we? And no one really does it better than the Scandinavians….well, maybe the Japanese every now and then, but they’re a nation responsible for young women leaving the house looking like giant manga cartoons and a plague of ridiculous emoticons, so they don’t get any credit.

Norse Projects has actually been around for years and they are one of Copenhagen’s most valuable boutiques, but that, of course, doesn’t actually mean you’ve ever heard of them. Well, you have now.

If you are looking for stylish, quality knit and woolwear, then this is the brand to hit up first. Functional, yet attractive, workable in, but fun, this is a trendy brand for almost-trendy people. Dip your toe in the minimalist and/or colourful knitwear pool without looking like something you found in a fisherman’s attic.

Here are some of this coming season’s choice offerings:

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