Find of the Week: i love ugly

i love ugly is an Australian clothing brand, whose mission is to draw inspiration from music, design, art, photography, film and literature in order to create original garments.

Aukland based duo Valentin Ozich and Barnaby Marshall originally started the brand in 2008, with a view to working with a range of interesting designers and artists.

We’re impressed with some particularly powerful photography and video output from the i love ugly guys – check out the accompanying artwork for their Chalk Capsule Series. They also have a knack for enticing exciting music producers into being photographed in their clothes…

They’ve been picked up by Hypebeast, so we guess that means they’ve got a badge of approval among a particular style set.

Head to the i love ugly site HERE. And check out a few of their editorial shoots below.

French producer Onra:

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Artist Blu:

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