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The menswear label Addict  has been around a fair while now. They launched in 1996 with a view to creating streetwear that blended what was at the forefront of urban desirability and the comfort and functionality of high-end outerwear.

Since then, the brand has made its name by pairing itself with popular artists, graphic designers, illustrators, musicians and sporting brands – to create design-led, unique items of clothing.

Their recent collaborations have seen them working with the likes of Marvel comics, Lucasfilm (Star Wars), Milo Manara  and Spy Optic.

Addict x Star Wars - XWHY Magazine

As part of their this year’s Autumn, Winter releases, they are bringing out the 2013 version of their Addict Artist Series  – an initiative which involves them teaming up with interesting, contemporary street, graphic and photography artists in order to create clothing inspired by their work.

In their own words:

The Guest Artist Series has been a firm fixture in the Addict range from the very beginning, with each season getting stronger and stronger. The Guest Artist collection is a precious part of what it is we do. It gives us an opportunity to connect with some of the best talent from all around the world. It isn’t trend led and you won’t find it hanging in your mass market, mass produced high-street store next to another tee with ‘Swag’ or ‘Geek’ plastered over it.

This year, they have worked with three artists:

Richard Kern – a photographer who has dedicated himself to exploring the recurring tropes of female sexuality and weed culture.

Mysterious Al – an illustrator who creates dark images inspired from comics and pop culture.

Swifty – one of those graffiti-gallery cross-over artists. Equally loved on the streets of St Ives as he is the darling of Saatchi and co…

Richard Kern

Addict x Richard Kern - XWHY Magazine

Mysterious Al

Addict x Mysterious Al - XWHY Magazine


Addict x Swifty - XWHY Magazine

All Addict clothing is available to buy at their online store . Alternatively, check out the Addict Tumblr blog .

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