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  • Read This: Rick Dove – The Other Side of Their Face

    The Other Side of Their Face privilege has its own laugh empty-headed tweed & twee its sound as familiar as death to me the last throes of my dreams come screams haunting me inspiring the lion heart in me to […]

  • Poetry: Rick Dove – Recipe #23: How to Make a Hippie Shake

    Recipe #23: How to Make a Hippie Shake ensure you pick a ripe one, Lord’s son, or some other landed dignitary, shave unattended growths from base of head, until smooth, and pinky-red, virgin flesh splash on aftershave. take the mane […]

  • Rick Dove – Making Bacon

    Making Bacon screw the firemen screw the disabled screw the police screw the poor screw the teachers screw the doctors screw the soldiers go to war screw the homeless screw the workers screw the unions the students & their wit […]

  • A False Reality by Rick Dove

    We are duped & stupefied insidious lies obfuscate & fool divide & rule… this ‪#‎etonmess‬ may confess but will never apologise By Rick Dove

  • Rick Dove: Austerity – Commuting on Cattle Cars

      A s this silent shuffling is building beat, F orgotten people move onward, undead, I n pre-selection bias with flattened feats, N othing is left inside their emptied heads, A nd they pretend it makes them special race, L […]

  • Rick Dove – Civilisation

    Civilisation the Egyptians invented writing and paper built great Alexandria all to catch facts we built the internet the networks fibre and computers all just to keep track so I wonder how we great civilisations both ended up worshiping cats […]

  • Rick Dove – Rules of the Game

    Rules of the Game misdirection now complete leaves the very truth uncertain pay no attention to the men behind the curtain their hand a land of make believe until to this city paved with stolen gold we have to fold […]

  • I Will Start the Wind of Change…

    Zephyr “let them eat cake” They celebrate throw homes to haves & bankers fete divided proles by polls & gags in the heirs broke elite from chavs ironically a dangerous game packing these streets might light a flame     […]

  • When Walking, Please Stop Being Such A Dick

    Calling out obnoxious, entitled behaviour is the bread and butter of opinion columnists. We’re an obnoxiously entitled lot, see. Much of this obnoxious behaviour is displayed while commuting or travelling. It is incredible, the amount of vitriol that can be […]