• Hipsterpocalypse – Post Code Death Knell?

    Chewed up, spat out? Why in-crowdsourced communities aren’t parasitic It seems a little redundant to point out that hating hipsters has been the internet’s flavour of the week, because along with cats and dubious heart-warming stories, hating hipsters is pretty […]

  • Missed Mixtapes #13 – Blogariddims 48

    NTS Radio’s Dominic Roarty delves deep to find the mixtapes you jus shouldn’t miss… So I chose one from Blogariddims before, but I think that it is such a good series that I can share another one with you. This […]

  • Sex for Sale – Prostitution, Cuddle Cafés and Commodity Culture

    It’s the oldest trade in the world. It capitalises on one of our basest, most universal urges. But does that justify its existence? For me, prostitution presents a troubling paradox. On the one hand, the concept of sex as a […]

  • Mike’s Monday Morning #Playlist: 13.01.13

    There’s something for everyone this week! Mike kicks off the playlist with a nod to 80s funk. Think Earth, Wind & Fire, think Sly & the Family Stone, think Rick James, think Prince – who turned up to a concert […]

  • Missed Mixtapes #12

    Dominic Roarty digs deep in the internet’s musical treasure troves to bring you the mixtapes you shouldn’t miss… Happy New Year readers. This week I have chosen a good old fashioned hip hop mixtape from Denaun Porter, full of skits, […]

  • How To…Make Resolutions that are Slightly Less Inane

    Ah, January – that time of year  when we all realise what’s terrible about our lives and attempt to rectify these glaring flaws. I need to stop smoking! I drink too much! I don’t do any exercise! Anyway, enough random […]

  • Mike’s Monday #Playlist – 06.01.14

    It’s 2014, and to welcome you in, Mike has a fantastic, percussive offering from  musical poet Saul Williams. It’s like walking into a crowded room to a drum roll and a wave of hand claps. Young buck (and singer/songwriter) Joel […]

  • Mike’s Monday #Playlist – 30.12.2013

    XWHY’s Mike Thomas hits us with a his final playlist of 2013… After the success of our XMAS playlist series, Mike had a tough job formulating a suitably gripping follow up. Always a man to rise to a challenge, though, […]

  • XWHY XMAS Guestlist #7 – Dom

    And on the last day of the Christmas playlist countdown, our final ‘Best of 2013 Music’ selection… It’s our final playlist in the XWHY XMAS Guestlist series, and it falls on a beautiful, lazy, pre-Christmas Sunday. Top up your hangovers […]

  • XWHY XMAS Guestlist #6 – Tom

    ‘Best of 2013’ – seven disciples worship at the musical alter and select their favourite tracks of the year… If yesterday’s top five from DJ Anna Wall left you on a high, don’t start planning your comedown just yet. Saturday’s […]