Familiarity With IT: It Could Get You The Job

Do you consider yourself competitive in this modern working world? Do you have what it takes to go out and face challenges your possible work opportunities might throw at you? Well, it’s always hard to answer such a question, considering you don’t know what life might bring but at the end of the day the best you can do is to prepare yourself the best you can. Just finishing college is not always enough nowadays, so either going on to further education or picking up skills in your own time is highly recommended. While there certainly is no shortage of skills out there in the world that you can pick up, some are more useful and universal than others, and in the current world of  IT-oriented workplaces, knowing a thing or two about computers wouldn’t hurt. Let’s see which ones you should prioritise first in order to have a better shot at picking up career opportunities.

Microsoft office

If we are both living on the same planet, then chances are you had some exposure to Microsoft Office at one point or another. Maybe you were using Microsoft Word at your workplace already, or maybe you used it to write your CV, or to essays for university, the list goes on. Basically, anything text related is mostly handled in Microsoft Word throughout the world at the moment so knowing your way around its features certainly wouldn’t hurt. Also commonly used in offices is Microsoft Excel, an electronic spreadsheet program used for storing, managing and organising data in all sorts of ways. From making work timetables to accounting, it is used throughout offices around the world. Since it is not as straightforward as, for example, Microsoft Word, it is worth using some learning resources for Excel to actually understand how to make use of it. Microsoft Powerpoint is also regularly used to create slideshows or presentations for all sorts of occasions, being a relatively simple tool to pick up but with lots of possibilities, it is a great asset to have at your disposal. While there are a lot more programs in the Office suite, let’s talk about the last commonly used one, Microsoft Outlook. Fortunately for you, Outlook is just a desktop email client which is rather self-explanatory. Chances are you already know how to use an email client, but Outlook allows for multiple mailboxes to operate simultaneously in the same client, making it a lifesaver when dealing with several emails at once.

Operating system familiarity

Computers, much like anything else in this world, are not perfect. They have their own issues and hiccups during regular use, and one should always expect that something might go wrong at some point. Now rather than being the person who just sits there and waits for someone else to help solve the computer freezing, why not be the one who has a few solutions up their sleeve? Being familiar with Windows and OS X on an above average level can often show off your hands-on approach and initiative to your employer, making you seem like a much stronger candidate for possible advances in the workplace. If you feel like you are not very familiar with the two commonly used operating systems, Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows, you should address that as soon as possible. If you have the know-how, install the operating system you are not familiar with, on a separate partition on your computer, if not, get someone else to do it. Alternatively, you could learn how to do so through an online tutorial. When you have it up and running, just familiarise yourself with it through daily regular PC usage, it’s the best way to see what kind of issues arise and how to address them.



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