Escape the Rat Race, Start a Farming Business

You can go into business for yourself, you know, and you can do so on a farm. Yes, you can start your own farming business, and doing so is a worthwhile venture to take if you have become disillusioned with the hustle and bustle of the everyday rat race that is city life. For advice on just how you can begin your farming business venture, make sure to read on.

Pinpoint what your farm is and does

Believe it or not, every farm is different. Every farm does something different to its neighbouring farms. Every farm provides different things, and different kinds of things, to different consumers. So, before you start your farming business venture, you’re going to have to pinpoint what your farm will be, what your farm will do, what your farm’s niche will be and what makes your farm different. Going into your venture blind to these things will make things far harder than they need to be, believe me.

Of course, what your farm is and will offer is completely dependant on your geographical location and what it is you feel you can offer. If you wish to offer meat on your farm, and feel comfortable doing so, then do so. Or, if you’d much prefer to harvest fruits, then do that instead. Nobody is forcing you to provide anything and you should only choose to provide something that, one, your climate will facilitate you providing, two, you feel comfortable providing, and three, what your target consumers are likely to want and need from a farm like yours.

Once you’ve pinpointed these things your farm will not need to advertise itself too much, because its niche will do this job for it.

Make sure you have the tools for the job

Of course, you can’t set up any business without having the right tools to do the job you propose to do. But, when it comes to farming, ensuring that you have the right tools for the job is doubly important. Why? Well, because farming is a job that simply cannot be done with human hand, human intuition or human acumen alone. No, when it comes to farming, tools are not just important, they are king.

This means you’re going to have to assess your farm to see what it needs to be a thriving business and then addressing the situation by bringing these things into it. For instance, if your farm needs a tractor, don’t hold back on investing in one! This is because, as stated, farms cannot run by just the power of the human hand: they need tools and they need machinery. What’s more, you’re going to have to run this tractor, so making sure you have a healthy supply of something like Gas Oil is just as important as owning the tractor itself.

These are things that just simply cannot forget to bring into your farm!

Find an appropriate workspace

The most important part of starting a farming business is finding an appropriate land from which to farm and trade from. Well, without this, your farm will just forever be an idea!

Now, this could be a traditional farming environment that involves animal pens, muddy fields, barns and farmhouses, or this could be something more contemporary. Whatever kind of workspace you seek to create in your farm, just remember to work by and alongside your niche. You see, what’s the point in plotting your farming business in a muddy field where you do not harvest or produce anything that grows in a field? The point is, make sure to judge your workspace needs by what your farm is and does.

Get yourself financed

Unless you have inherited your farm from older generations or past generations of your family, then you will need to finance your farming venture. When it comes to doing this, your first port of call should be to check out this guide on farm funding and financial planning. Your second port of call should be to embrace professional assistance and support and to never discard it, now matter what your pride is telling you to do; you will more than likely be able to find such assistance in your local council’s agricultural department.

If you have become disillusioned with your career or city/suburban life in general, then why not up sticks and head to a farm? By doing so, and by starting your own business there, you will have your own space and you will be able to do things your own way. Before you know it, the rat race of life will be nothing but a distant memory!


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