Enhancing Your Attractiveness

It’s understood that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are certain things we can do that add or subtract from how attractive we are viewed by others; at a basic level, this could come down to personal hygiene yet on a higher level the style and fashion choices we make play a large part in how we are perceived by the world.

Attractiveness goes way beyond a particular body type or having great skin… the true beauty of a person is found in their soul, yet, in a world that judges us so much on our external appearance, it can’t help to make the most of your appearance with these few tips.


There are two camps when it comes to fashion; those that care and those that don’t – but there’s a good analogy for fashion which is relevant to both camps.  Picture yourself going to a trade show, where there’s lots of stands all bidding for your attention – several of the stands look very basic, boring and simple (you probably pass these by) whereas the custom exhibition stands that are colourful, interesting, and different grab your attention and absorb you.  That’s the power of the clothes we wear; if you’re wanting to grab people’s attention (in a positive or negative way) then you can do that with the clothes you wear – but similarly, you can blend in and remain unnoticed.

Don’t underestimate the power of fashion, and try not to limit yourself to thinking of fashion as something reserved for the catwalk.  You are a walking billboard conveying a message to the world of who you are on the inside!  The great news is that, today, looking fashionable doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


One of the most important aspects of aesthetic beauty, in most people’s opinion, is to have young, radiant, firm and glowing skin.  Unfortunately, it is a scientific fact that you will age – and no matter what creams you use or cosmetic surgical operations you endure, there is no getting away from aging skin.

At the most extreme end you could consider cosmetic surgery and a variety of non-surgical facial enhancing procedures, or, perhaps a better way is to nurture your skin with natural products such as aloe vera, aromatherapy oils, and nutrient rich moisturising oils such as jojoba and coconut.


Eyes are often referred to as the ‘windows to your soul’ – this is the place people go to “connect” with you on an emotional level.  Radiant and refreshed sparkling eyes would subconsciously infer a happy, radiant and bright personality resides behind the mask that is your face… whereas tired, aggravated red eyes, with dark circles around them could make someone subconsciously associate this with a more lethargic, depleted, and down in the dumps type of personality.

There are many natural ways to keep your eyes looking refreshed, one of the most simple is to ensure you give your eyes the chance to relax throughout the day, simply by averting your gaze from a screen (of any description), closing your eyes, and placing your hands over your eyes in order to fully block out the light for a few minutes.


Dental hygiene is an absolute priority in terms of making the most out of your appearance.  The entirely preventable issue of losing teeth or having several fillings is something we often don’t start taking full care of until it’s too late, however, keeping a healthy and attractive smile is easy to maintain.


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