Early Glastonbury Tickets This Thursday For Green People

No, not the hulk, or the jolly green giant, although you’ll probably find him at Glastonbury somewhere, taking part in a basket weaving class, if we were to hazard a guess.

Registration has closed and tickets for Glastonbury 2014 don’t actually go on sale until this Sunday. BUT for those among you who are really desperate for a piece of the action, there is a way to beat the weekend ring-around.

Glastonbury Festival pre-sale

The Worthy Farm lot are an environmentally minded bunch – the whole festival is practically fuelled by hemp sweaters, as if you need reminding.

Eavis and his minions have set aside 15,000 tickets for a cheeky pre-sale this Thursday….with an inevitable catch. You have to be willing to travel to the festival by coach. The idea being, of course, to reduce the number of petrol-guzzlers flooding down to the West Country.

So, if you don’t mind spending your comedown hours in a tin cylinder filled with other similarly smelly, weepy partiers in the throes of post-festival blues, then have at it!

Pre-sale coach tickets will be available to buy HERE this Thursday.


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