Driving To Success In A New Whip

What makes an entrepreneur successful? It’s their drive and determination. No it isn’t, it’s the fact that they work long hours and are efficient. You’re all wrong because it’s down to the firm handshake, charismatic smile and the smooth-talking spiel.

Not one person answers this question with the answer “car.” Vehicles are important, but they aren’t big enough to impact a career. After all, they only denote wealth, appearance and power, and these aren’t symbols of success.

Well, it turns out they are. Who knew? Perception is nine-tenths of the law in this industry, and a good-looking whip says a lot about you as a person. Here are a few more reasons it’s essential to success.

The Coffee Meeting

“Hey, it’s X. Should we meet for a coffee sometime soon and talk about the proposal? Great, I’ll see you at Starbucks on Wednesday.”

Scheduling a meeting with a potential client is the first in a long line of hurdles. From shaking hands to maintaining eye contact and dressing to impress, there’s a lot to remember. The aim of the game is to appear professional, confident and reputable, and that is why these three things are staples of businessmen and women. Of course, a cool car hits all three targets and you don’t have to say a word. Simply pull up outside and let the chrome wheels and shiny chassis do the talking.

Marketing Plan

Every self-respecting business person has a strategy to build the brand and raise awareness. Yours probably revolves around SEO and keeping Google happy. It’s a good start because search engines are the key to traffic and Google is the king. A digital-only plan is a big mistake, though, because offline tactics work too. Think of the gimmicky cars roaming around cities that are impossible to miss. And, if novelty isn’t your thing, a Bentley from Saxton 4×4 can speak volumes also. By adding the logo, the elegance and luxury of the car reflect on the company.

Delegation Appreciation

Forget about depreciation because cars are more than business assets. Quite literally, they are vehicles for entrepreneurs to generate leads and boost profits. Consider a company motor for a moment – who will drive it? Hopefully, it’ll be an employee who needs to go to a meeting or conduct business. Therefore, the car will have the same impact on clients as it does for you, which is a positive thing for the firm as a whole. With a fleet of vehicles, you can delegate brand awareness to staff with a license.

Tax Deductibles

The last paragraph dismissed money as if it ain’t no thang. The reality is different because SMEs have to watch the pennies. Splashing out on a car seems like the antithesis of this attitude, but it can save entrepreneurs money. Petrol, for instance, is a work expense and is deductible from the end-of-year tax return. The car itself may be liable as well depending on how you use it.

What are your professional reasons for owning a brand spanking new whip?


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