Drake: Nothing Was the Same Leak

Drake’s ‘Nothing Was the Same’ leaks ahead of release…

Drake has to be one of the most controversial stars enjoying current popularity. Not because he spends his time swinging around in the buff on a giant wrecking ball (although there has been the odd Rihanna / Chris Brown spat… and let’s not even go down the Amanda Bynes route), but because he has the amazing potential to completely split opinion.

He spends his time crossing backwards and forwards between synthy, delectable electro-influenced collaborations, and that other, cheesier rap and RnB stuff…

His recent single ‘Hold on, We’re Going Home’ is a Radio 1 fave, but older offerings, like ‘Up All Night’ and ‘Fancy’ are a source of internet ridicule.

Then there’s his oddly characterised media personality… we seem to variously love him, and love to make fun of him, but still quite dig his music, sometimes… If you don’t get what we mean, this Buzzfeed article will explain.

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The Leak

So we’ve had a chance already to digest the album artwork, which has been unfathomably controversial for a simple enough design. But now we’re watching as the whole album leaks ahead of it’s expected official release later this month.

Drake nothing was the same

Some have commented that “official” release dates are an arbitrary, or rather, anachronistic concept these days. Yeesus leaked ahead of schedule, and save for inciting a rather disheartened tweet from Kanye West, didn’t (arguably) actually do much to damage the impact of his album.

In the habit of supporting music artists, we aren’t about to post any download links on XWHY (here’s the link to the iTunes pre-order if you want to go about it all in the right way), but there are plenty of ways to feed your ears without downloads, if you are keen to be ahead of the game.

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