Doncaster Rovers sign One Direction’s Louis

In a bizarre turn of events, Doncaster Rovers have signed Louis Tomlinson, of One Direction fame, to play for their development side at some point this season.


Picture the scene: sitting up in bed on your average thursday morning and receiving a phone call from *insert chairman of your boyhood F.C. here* offering you a squad number… Yeah, happens all the time. For most of us, this would be followed by the line “and then he woke up”. But when you’ve been dropped in a bucket of lucky rabbits feet as a baby, like Louis, this is just another day in the life of one of the most (unfathomably) popular men in the world….

In reality, this is actually just an exceptionally good ploy on the part of Doncaster Rovers. If any of you have been following the backlash/frenzied responses that the editors over at GQ have been experiencing post-1D-GQ-covers, you’ll know that the One Direction fanbase may comprise primarily of crazed, hysterical little girls, but it is one of the biggest, most rabidly obsessive fanbases to have ever existed, in this universe or the next.


So, in all likelihood, this will give the Championship League club an amazing little publicity boost, with a lot more people turning up to friendlies on the off-chance that Tomlinson might be there. Little girls will buy their kit and people that have never heard of the club might suddenly be able to point to Doncaster on a map. Also, it makes Louis look like a down-to-earth boy from ‘oop North. Win, win situation.


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