Do You Dream of Winter Sports Stardom? Here’s the Training Regime for You

The Winter Olympics is upon us again and already there have been some incredible moments. The sports are all intensely exciting to watch and the feats that these Olympians manages are inspiring to all.

Whether you dream of being a speed skater or want to join an ice hockey team, there are a few things you can do to get your body ready and in peak condition. 2022 is only four years away after all…

Get into Your Training regime

The most important thing that any athlete will tell you is that your training regime is the most important part. Yes, you could show up on the day of the event and do well, but if you haven’t tried your hardest at every training session, you just won’t perform your best.

Being an athlete isn’t about having medals or even turning up to the events; instead, being an athlete is a lifestyle that will consume everything from how you spend your time to what you can eat and when. Each winter sport focuses on a different muscle group – and they may not be the muscles you might have thought – so focus your training to build the right muscles as well as improve your stamina and overall fitness.

Eat Yourself Fit

Testosterone in men is one of the most important hormones for building strength and muscle. Essentially, testosterone is the reason that men tend to be heavier and have larger muscles than women. This is why it is important that your diet includes lots of foods that will promote the production of testosterone and give you plenty of protein to build those muscles with.

For many of the winter sports, you will need to develop strong, stable leg muscles that can propel you along the slippery surfaces. Recipes that include plenty of lean meat and vegetables are ideal for this as they are filled with proteins as well as vitamins and minerals for healthy growth, without too much fat.

Ensuring that you have a healthy balanced diet is essential for a good lifestyle, but if you are training for an event, what you eat is even more important. Lots of exercise will always make you want to eat lots of sugars and fats for instant satisfaction, but resist this urge. It will only make training harder. Essentially: eat like Captain America if you want to look like Captain America.

Achieve One Small Goal at a Time

Deciding that you are going to compete in an event and win a medal or a prize is one thing, actually getting there is quite another. The best thing to do is split your training sessions up so that you can achieve performance goals. This means that instead of always focusing on that far-off medal, you are focusing on improving your time this week or perfecting that strategy or move.

Aiming high is something that athletes can’t help but do. It is the best way to motivate yourself and keep pushing each week. However, you still need to track your progress and with smaller, intermediate goals, you will be able to see just have far you have come, and how far you have to go.


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