New Release: Dems

Dems set themselves free…

The South London Trio Dems have been in a rich vein of form recently having got back from their debut stint at SXSW earlier in the year. In between hitting the festival circuit they’ve found time to get back in the studio and record some new material as well as craft some suitably Dems vibey videos to accompany them.

The first of these videos that was released recently and has already surpassed 80k views on youtube is  the single “Got No Brains”. The up tempo track opens with delicate harmonies and slowly but surely build so a toe tapping, head bopping florish.


This an extreme contrast when compared to the more sparse and mellow track “Never Have Never Will”. One watch of the that will have you mesmerised and crying for an exit stage left of the play that is the daily rat race we all face, as the stunning protagonist escapes the zombie like commuters to find true freedom.


You can now Pre-order Dems’ debut album, Muscle Memory HERE, being released via Bad Life in October.


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