David Bailey Exhibition

David Bailey’s Stardust @ The National Portrait Gallery

Photographer David Bailey on nudity, childbirth and kicking it with Mick Jagger…

Exhibition opening hours

Daily 10.00 – 18.00
Thursdays and Fridays until 21.00

Taking a photograph has gone from being an expensive and exclusive pastime to becoming the prerogative of every filter-loving Joe and his Insta-happy dog. Thankfully, despite this, there are still some that treat Photography as a noble art.

David Bailey is one of the great photographers of our time,with a career that has lasted over 50 years. And his work is currently showing at the National Portrait Gallery. The exhbition features over 250 images of every type; nudity, famine and family portraits, and they have all been personally selected and printed by Bailey himself, for our viewing pleasure. The only thing missing is a selfie… Oh hold on, nope there is even one of those!

David Bailey Exhibition London XWHY

The celebrity portion of the exhibit is mind-blowing. None of the en vogue idols of today, no Ryan Goslings and Rihannas. Instead, you’ve got some intense close-ups of still relevant luminaries from the 70s through to the 90s. Jagger and Nicholson in attendance.

David Bailey Exhibition London XWHY

When it comes to women, although he’s photographed some of the most inspirational and beautiful women in the world, it is his wife and muse Catherine that receives special attention. There isn’t a moment of her life left undocumented, even childbirth rears its head in some quite graphic detail.

If I were to live my life five times over, the chances that I would see, let alone capture, half of the things that Bailey puts on display would still be slim. From the Sudan, highlighting the focus of Band Aid, to dining with Warhol and Dali, through to the Hardmen of East London…he’s seen it all and then some…

David Bailey Exhibition London XWHY Magazine

The exhibit is open until 1st June 2014 and is free to members of the National Portrait Gallery. Tickets can be bought HERE for Non-members.

WORDS: Michael Thomas


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