Craig David x Big Narstie – When The Bassline Drops

Craig David: He’s Back And He’s Narstie!

If you’ve never heard of Big Narstie, you may be forgiven as it can be presumed that grime isn’t really your thing. However if you’ve not heard of Craig David, then it’s safe to say you were in a coma between the years of 1999 and 2004. Craig David was the man of the moment in the early 2000s following his feature on the Artful Dodger track Re-wind. However he later floated into the musical abyss towards the later part of the decade, whether this was due to the comic (allegedly) portrayal of his character in Leigh Francis’s Bo’ Selecta! or just a general decline in interest when it came to Garage music is hard to tell. Regardless he ended up spending most of his time in his apartment in Miami, working out or recording tracks that didn’t quite match up to his debut album’s promise.

Fortunately for Craig and his fans, the resurgence of Garage over the last couple of years has given him the perfect platform to start a renaissance of sorts. Firstly his motivational, funny and sometimes slightly odd instagram account rose to prominence in the mainstream media and he clocked up over 200k followers, then his music began being played in clubs up and down the land during DJ garage sets once again and he himself has had an Ibiza residency at Cavalli Club over the summer with his TS5 DJ sets.


His appearance on Mistajam’s #Sixtyminuteslive set with Kurupt FM, really got the internet talking and taking note as he did a remix of Justin Bieber’s “Where Are U Now” and had everyone in the studio on a hype, including Big Narstie. Luckily for us this wasn’t the last time the two were to share a studio and the relationship struck up between the two on that day blossomed and has lead to them recording the track “When The Bassline Drops”.


Fingers crossed this is just the start of his comeback and he’ll finally get the chance to eclipse  the success of “Born to do it” and maybe, just maybe finally win a Brit Award.




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