Cowlin Presents: The Willers Brothers

It’s time we talked about the Willers Brothers…

Cowlin is back with another instalment of #CowlinPresents and this week he caught up with House music siblings The Willers Brothers, Liam and Sean.Whether nature or nurture, the family Willers have clearly grown up with music at the centre of their world and unlike the Giggs brothers (Ryan & Rhodri), they seem to have been blessed with equal talent. Together the brothers are residents at London’s famous Egg Nightclub and have been playing there consistently for the last 2 years, bring ravers together with a mix of House and Techno to see them dancing away into the wee hours on the night.

Let’s start with talking about the club your both well known for playing at, Egg London. How did you two start playing there?

Well a bit randomly, we went to a Dj competition in Vauxhall on a Wednesday back in 2012 for a chance to become a resident on this one brand. Nothing come of that but one of the promoters who was judging picked us up to play at Egg through his sub promotion brand in the loft, then from there after playing a few other occasions the club eventually took us under their wing based on our music style and now 2 years on  a dream that we are their main residents.

Every week at that club is such a good night but our biggest memories at Egg has to be warming up for Matthias Tanzmann before his 6 hour set back in February and then doing a 4 hour b2b with Nick Curly on the massive Circus event in July.


Any major influences you’ve had to help you along your journey?

We both have been very musically oriented from an early age courtesy of our dad. He was into all sorts of music when we was young and had no TV at his house only a set of 1210’s. Back in the day I (Sean) was and still am a big Hip Hop fan, like Wu-Tang, J-Dilla, Slum Village etc. whilst Liam was a big drum and bass raver.

House wise though for us Marco Carola was our first biggest influence, seeing him for the first was a game changer. Since then we really look onto a lot of the guys from Lola ED, Apollonia, Hanfry Martinez, John Dimas, they all have a very similar to style to what we play.

The owner at Egg has also been a big influence by helping us understand the industry and looking to strive for success during the early stages of our career.

What do you aim to happen in the next 5 years with your music?

Now we are really looking on getting our head down in the studio as much as possible and that being our main goal for this year. We have a few releases lined up already and we have a few labels in mind that we are aiming for within the next 2 years.

We are also looking to get onto an agency in the near distant future as at the moment we are unrepresented. Within 5 years though we would like to be touring week in week out but still always coming back to play at our home away from home Egg.


What does your production setup consist of?

We recently just started working in a new studio up in Hackney Wick but at home the setup is pretty basic, we use Ableton with Maschine, DUNE and a few other VST plug ins.

Any collaboration’s you have in the pipeline?

Yeah we have just finished one remix for David Glass which will be coming out early this year, now looking to work a lot more with our Canadian friend James Hopkins on a few joint releases and also just started working on a few tracks with Freeman & Farrelly .


Away from the music industry, any hobbies you both enjoy doing?

Sean –  We both keen at the gym in the week. I try and keep a pretty clean diet and plenty of running away from all the partying, also a bit of retail therapy never goes amiss.

Liam – I like to spend time with my misses eating out just the a usual day to day life away from the parties

In you recently played in Romania. How did this booking happen and how was the gig?!

Got this through our release ‘Final Day’ on Mihai Popoviciu’s label Cyclic Records ( Was our biggest gig to date, amazing experience and fantastic crowd. The Romanians sure know how to party. Looking forward to more gigs in europe throughout this year

You can hear more from the Willers Brothers HERE or follow them on Twitter / Facebook.

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