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T Bunts, Outlook Festival & Logic Pro…

Earlier this week Cowlin caught up with DJ, & Producer ‘T Bunts’. Based in the Reading area, and due to release his latest material very soon. He has been working on his own productions for a little time now, puttingin the work, and from what I’ve heard, we’re all in for a treat.

How did you get into the dance music scene?

I think what got me in to dance music was when I took Music Production at A Level. A few people in my class were mixing vinyl so I got some turntables and started myself. Shortly afterwards I turned 18 and started heading to clubs in London like Cable, Ministry of Sound and Fabric. I think that’s what really got me in to it. Through going to nights in Reading as well I ended up meeting a lot of local DJs/promoters and it went from there really.


Where has been you’re favourite venue to play to date? Why?

Definitely Beach Bar Pacino at Outlook Festival, Croatia. The location is near perfect and the atmosphere is always something else. Everyone loves it out there! A shame I had to miss playing there this year.

What does your music production set up consists of what?

My DAW is Logic 9 then I have a pair of Genelec 8020cs, a Roland TR-8, a Roland TB-3 and an M-Audio KeyRig 49.

You used to play out as ‘Siktion’, recently I’ve seen the name ‘T Bunts’ being used more and more, what’s the difference in names?

When I first started mixing it was all 140bpm Dubstep. What I played expanded and went all over the place for a bit and then eventually I focused on House. Now I don’t feel Siktion represents what I play at all, hence T.Bunts (which has actually been a nickname since years before Siktion).

You’re stuck on an island, you can only have 5 items, what would these be?

My production set up I guess. That’s about 5 items.

Out of the dance music scene, you’re top 3 tracks?

That’s hard but at the moment I’d say:

1. Hector Couto – Don’t Need You

2. Matthias Tanzmann – Get Up

3. Hunzed, Harvey – Sheeta (Mendo Remix)

image (3)

Quickfire Questions:

What’s you’re full name?  Thomas David Bunting

Your town of birth? Maidstone

Spirits or beer? Beer

Outlook Festival or SW4? Outlook venue, SW4 lineup

Any links we can have to contact you or listen to your tracks?



You can listen to T Bunt’s mixes on Soundcloud: and check out his Facebook & Twitter


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