Cowlin Presents: Robert Dietz

XWHY’S Cowlin caught up with Robert Diaz to talk about his record label “Truth Be Told”, the House music scene and his biggest inspirations…


Lets start with talking about your record label, ‘Truth Be Told‘. What is the Truth To Be Told to your listeners?

The idea of creating your own brand and platform has been in my mind for some years already but I was waiting for the right moment to bring it to daylight. When I moved to Berlin last year and started to work with one of my oldest friends again, we decided to run it together and do something where we can experiment together, visually and musically. It’s about bringing all these things together and just doing what we really feel, without taking everything too seriously and keeping the fun in it.

When you play DJ sets, what would you say your style of genre is?

It is something between house and techno, depending on the situation and the setting. Sometimes it’s chunky, swinging or hypnotic, sometimes trippy. But always with my own interpretation of rhythm.

What does your DJ set up consist off?

I recently went back to CDJs and Vinyl (depending on the club). I was touring for four years with a computer and faced a lot of technical issues in the end, which made me go back to USB. On top of it playing with the CDJs feels more intuitive for me right now.


Over the years you have played all over the globe. To this date, where has been the most memorable venue that you have played?

I think memorable are all of those venues or countries where you wouldn’t probably have travelled on your own, like Japan, Georgia or Azerbaijan for example. Or playing last years after hour sunrise set at Sonus Festival in Croatia was impressive.


How did you get into the House music scene?

I grew up with all different kinds of musical genres and the main influence for house music was the media in the 90s. radio and music television were our first sources for electronic music as I was too young to go to a club at this time. Over the years I got really infected by the whole culture. I started to spend more and more money on music and equipment and more and more time on parties and in clubs trying to absorb everything which comes with it and makes this whole scene so special.


Who’s your biggest inspiration?

I couldn’t name a particular artist, as it’s more every day life, which is inspiring me. Of course music is a main source but also travelling, spending time with friends, art and design.


What does your music production set up consist of?

It’s a good balance between analogue equipment and software. I like to create music with machines, as the workflow is just more fun for me but EQuing for example happens digitally. Old and new synthesizers like the Moog or the Prophet 12, drum machines like the Tempest or Jomoxs 999 and some effects are doing it for me at the moment.


In the next 5 years, what do you hope to open for yourself, as well as your record label?

What I’ve learned for myself over the last six years of building up my career is, that it is rather about a slow and steady rise and consistency instead of a quick blow up. I hope to be able to deliver this consistency and create and keep an output of quality over the next years.


Quick Questions

What car do you drive?

Audi A5 Coupé

Hobbies away from your music lifestyle?

Cross fit and cooking.

Favourite drink to consume whilst playing?

Tequilla and Gin Tonic.

Favourite country to visit on holiday?

Fell in love with Bolivia last year.


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