Cowlin Presents: Pig&Dan

Cowlin caught up with production/Dj Duo Pig&Dan for the latest in his Cowlin Presents series. The touched on their first chance meeting, those who have inspired them and what it felt like to play at Ultra Music Festival…

Massive congratulations on your track ‘Friday Freaks’ which was at number one on Beatport! You must feel over the moon at this?

It always feels amazing to hit the Top 10 but even more amazing and unexpected when its in a genre that you aren’t used to being in which is more in the chill out/ Electronica world.

A recent project you’ve completed is ‘Destination Unknown’ which was released on Bedrock Records. Is there a story behind you two naming the LP that?

We called it “Destination Unknown” because the music in this album is completely different to the usual Pig&Dan sound which is more four to the floor dance floor orientated. We also thought the type of music and the way its arranged sort of takes you through a 2 hour voyage of joy and relaxation. I spent all summer listening to it by the pool and it seemed to compliment the situation quite well.

From releasing this LP, you’ve managed to have 15 of the tracks in the top 100 of the Beatport charts. How would you say you have managed to do this? 

We just do what we do. We work hard in the studio and make the music we love the rest is up to the audience so there isn’t really anything special we did. We just did what we are passionate about. We always try to mix it up in terms of the music we make because we like to play the music so creating always the same sort of track with similar templates doesn’t really work for us. Variation is the spice of life.

How did you two actually meet? 

Destiny brought us together 🙂 We met on an airplane and then coincidentally 2 years later through a good friend and the moment we walked in the studio we had chemistry and the rest you know already.

How would you say you’ve been so successful to this date? 

Like I said before we just do what we love, work hard, try to be as constant as we can and most importantly stay true to ourselves.

Any major influences you’ve had which has helped you be successful?

Probably past great musicians that have made music we grew up with. There are so many of them but I’ll name a few; Marvin Gaye, James Brown, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, etc.

Also Sven Vath was a great influence when we started making techno. His sound and the cocoon philosophy really inspired us.

Your recent EP ‘Sandstorm’ smashed the Beatport top ten. Another massive success for you both. But how long have you actually been waiting for all this success to take place?

You don’t really wait for success and we don’t really measure, we just keep on working hard and doing our thing and are happy when we see our music is making people happy and rocking those dance floors.  We have been producing as Pig&Dan for 12 years now but our music careers started long before. I would say our first massive success was with the cocoon releases, album and playing at Amnesia 2 years in a row in the cocoon events.

Let’s talk about your remix with Deadmau5. How did this huge link up happen?

PIG: I have met him various times, once in Canada at one of my gigs and the other very quickly at WMC Miami. He’s been following for a few years now and he contacted us asking for a remix in his new compilation. We were very happy to hear from him and felt privileged. The track we remixed is sofi needs a ladder.

What does your music production set up consist off?

Mostly software such as the Native instruments plugins and a few hardware tools such as the machine studio and the Roland Tr8. We used to have a virus Polar and we also use UAD plugins for compression mastering etc. But the most important thing are the ideas you have and the way you execute them, its not about what you have, it how you use it

Any other artist you two would like to collaborate with who you haven’t already?

Would love to work with some of our favourite producers like Marcel Dettman, Truncate, DVS1 or Ricardo Villalobos.

Ultra Music Festival known worldwide for being one of if not, the biggest festival in the world. How does this feel to have been picked to play this?

It was a fantastic experience, especially the ULTRA in Buenos Aires where we played in front of 10000 crazy fans that were completely up and hungry for techno. It was defiantly one of the biggest crowds we played in front of.

In the next 5 years, what do you hope to happen for your self’s within the music industry?

We just want to continue being able to do what we love and making more and more people happy with our music. We would also love to work on other projects such as video games or movie scores but you never know.

Quick Fire Questions

Your places of birth? Pig (Palma de Mallorca, Spain) Dan (London, England)

Your age? Pig 38   Dan 42

House or Techno? Everything has its moment so both as long as they are good

Favourite thing to eat? Japanese Food

Favourite beverage to consume when performing? Water

Ultra Music Festival or Timewarp? hard a question to answer…


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