Cowlin Presents: Guy J

Guy J, If you don’t know about this guy you’re seriously missing out! The last decade has seen Guy J climb underground music’s illustrious ladder, enthralling the minds of music lovers across the globe with his eclectic perception of how electronic music should be constructed.

With a clear vision and much envied trait of being able to create a contrasting variety of genres, along with gracing the globes renowned clubs and festival, Guy J now proudly announces his album on John Digweed’s Bedrock records, titled ‘The Trees, The Sea & The Sun’ which was released early November.

Congratulations on the recent release, is there a story behind the naming of the album?

I was mixing the album while I was in Ibiza and the picture inside of me was the title for the album and I thought with good music, this is close to perfection.

Having been supported by John via his record label is huge, but when producing the album, did you know it was going to be released on ‘Bedrock’?

Yes, I spoke with John before about doing the album and when he said he was up for it then that’s when I started working on it.

How did John initially contact you about releasing on his label?

My manager at the time knew John and made the introduction between us .

When you get yourself into the studio, how do you give yourself inspiration to produce beautifully constructed tracks?

I get inspired by the things around me and mostly from traveling, the world is small but yet every place is different and I always learn something new every time I visit a place and the power of music in clubs make me want to do more and more.

What does your music production set up consist of?

I’m writing music on Cubase, using mostly Synthesizers such as Prophet 12, Nord lead 4, Virus TI, Poly Evolver & Dominion 1. The only VST I’m using is Omnisphere.

When performing, what does your DJ set up consist of and why do you choose this to other options?

I just moved to Traktor recently because I think the sound is better than Ableton. I used to play with Ableton for over 10 years and I love the software and the idea behind it but the sound is missing something so I just changed. Let’s see how it goes.

What were your first steps of getting into DJing?

Listening to a lot of music, being young and having nothing to worry about was something that made me take the steps. I started to follow other DJs and listened to how they play, how they build a set, what kind of tracks are working better at the right moment. Listening a lot!

What were your favourite two tracks that you remember to this day that you used to play out when first starting?

Bedrock – Heaven Scent

Evolution – Phoenix

Do you ever play these tracks today?

I rewrote both of them so I can play them out today.

Describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before.

Emotional house music.

Tell us about your relationship with John Digweed. How did you two first meet and where was this?

These days, I can say besides being an inspiration, he is a friend to me. I’ve learned so much from him and had the privilege to play with him several times and get his support. Beside the fact that he is someone that has had a huge affect on me and he is also the most professional person in our industry today.

Away from music, do you have much contact with John?

We speak from time to time, he is very busy man and has his family and so do I. I always enjoy a conversation with the man!

Away from music, what do you get up to in your spare time, if you have any that is…?

I don’t have much, there is always something to do and always ideas that need to be transformed into reality, maybe watch a movie or just purely relax.

Your favourite festival that you have performed at this year?

Ultra , Buenos Aires

Guy J 2-14

‘The Trees, The Sea And The Sun’ consists of two CDs. When producing the tracks for this, how many tracks did you have to choose from for the final product?

I write a lot of music, so when the deadline was close, I took the one that works best together to create the right journey.

For the downtempo CD I wrote the tracks specifically for my album.

Did you produce the tracks to go into a specific order?

When I had most of the tracks for the more clubbier mix, I had to work more on the intro and outro of the mix as these 2 tracks are very important in any mix and need to be different. For the downtempo mix I did produce each track one after the other which is a much more spiritual way.

Where was the production of this based? (What country/Countries?)

My studio in Malta

Finally what do you plan for the rest of this year and plans for next year?

NYD I’m going to play in Groningen in a club called Paradigm. It’s the 4th time I’m going back there and it is one of the best parties every year – young and music thirsty crowd! On 16th January I’m playing in Mar Del Plata in Argentina with John Digweed, this one is going to be something that comes round once or twice in a lifetime.


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