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Earlier this week I managed to catch up with  house outfit ‘Flashmob’, who have not long recently finished the ‘DFTD’ tour. Touring with huge names in the House scene  such as ‘Sonny Fodera’ ‘Cristoph’ ‘Krankbrother’ & ‘Andy Daniel’, no doubt making some good memories most artists would dream of.

Well known for their tune ‘Need In Me’. This duo is one of the most recongnisable production groups in House Music. Originating from Italy ‘Flashmob’ have been such a fast success in the music scene. managing to have many of their tracks released on major Record Labels such as ‘Defected Records’ ‘Get Physical’ ‘Off Recordings’ ‘Azuli Records’ plus a huge handful of others which have helped their name flourish within the scene.

‘DFTD Volume 2’ earlier last month was released, a follow on from ‘Volume 1’ with a strong selection of House tracks from the biggest of names in the House music scene.


Firstly how did you two meet?

We met on Internet … MySpace to be exact. We decided to build a career together because we complete each other in a very constructive way and it was clear to us immediately.

You’re alias name ‘Flashmob’. How did you come across naming yourself this?

Credit goes to Danny. He was watching a film and this neologism came out; it sounds new, young and fresh and can certainly adapt to branding so it was an easy choice to make.

You’ve released different material with Defected Records over your time. How did the first link up across? 

I used to check every soundcloud friend request like a maniac to build new contacts and after we released ‘Brick House’ on Get Physical the A&R of Defected Andy Daniell sent me a friend request so immediately we chatted and he wanted to license ‘Brick House’ plus asked us if we had any new stuff for the label. So, it went from there. We got to know each other via Skype etc… And I think they understood how serious we are in what we do, so they flew us to London to meet the big boss Simon Dunmore. Simon helped massively to make us understand the real nature of this business and helped and supported our growth hugely. After that came ‘Need In Me’…

When working behind closed doors, what does your music production set up consist of?

Maschine, virus, moog, ms20 etc.. All into Ableton Live sequencer. Although I’d rather not reveal too much to be honest. If you watch the videos we occasionally take in our studio, so you can also see a little of how things are done.

You’ve recently released your second mix album with ‘Defected’ sister label ‘DFTD’. DFTD Volume 2, How’s this different from the first release?

Well this comes in a revolutionary period. When we mixed the Miami 2013 Defected album we were in the middle of a house music explosion and we were one of the acts to contribute to the 909 come back. Now music is shifting in different directions and that is why we decided to mix the DFTD VOL 2 compilation because the sound is closer to what we are making these days (DFTD VLM02 mixed by Flashmob was released on 09 November (digital) on DFTD).

With so many different artists doing so much for the house music scene in different ways, how would you say your sound is different to other artists at the moment?

I think there is a choice to be made by all artists at a certain stage: either you follow the flow or you decide to try and create your own; if your sound is easily recognisable and innovative then you belong to the second – that is were Flashmob wants to be.

Away from the music lifestyle, are there any hobbies you both enjoy doing?

Danny: I like trying new synths, spending time with Zoe (the girlfriend. I live with in Bologna now) and going out to party.

Alessandro: Alessandra (my wife) + shopping + sushi is the magic formula!

You’ve recently finished the ‘DFTD’ tour running from 17th October – 15th November. Touring with huge names like ‘Sonny Fodera’ ‘Cristoph’ ‘Krankbrother’ & ‘Andy Daniel’ must be such a memorable two months! In these two months where has been the most memorable venue to play at?

We really loved Outbreak festival. I think we played one of our best sets for Defected there in a long time. It was our sound but we managed to make it work for the Defected crowd really well so it was really something. We’ve worked really hard on this aspect because although we are changing sound we wanna keep playing for Defected and to be able to do it respecting both their expectations and ours in terms of music is magic.


Flashmob Records.  A new label you have both decided to start up, who can we expect to hear releasing music on this in the near future? 

Flashmob Records is only for Flashmob. We are also launching a sister label Flashmob LTD where we have signed three tracks from Memoryman (aka Uovo) who is one of the three mighty Italian trio Pastaboys, then we have a three track EP from the upcoming and brilliant Julien Sandre plus a three track EP from Australian Michelle Owen in team with ‘Felix The Housecat’. We are in the talks to sign other great artists too. So, watch this space!

Is there a major influence you have both had which has helped you to become successful today?

I think we have helped each other a great deal; our ladies have certainly helped and one key part has been played by our therapist 🙂


Quick Fire Questions 

House or Techno?


Where were you born?

A: Turin D: Gaeta

First record signing? (What track was this & what date?)

A: Sandrino & Massi Arena – Hi Scream on V.O.T.U.

It’s a USA label run by an Italian guy called Costantino and I used the same sample that my good friend Darius Syrossian has used in a free give away track. Date release was in summer 2004

D: My first release was called ‘Rollerball’ on a small Italian label called In De Label in 2006. Sandro fell in love with that track and licensed it on what was his label at the time and we went on together from there really.

Most recent movie you have watched?

A: Rambo 1. It helps me sleep in hotels while traveling and it was my fav film when I was a kid!!

D: Fast and Furious – I can’t do without it, I love cars 🙂

What are your NYE plans?

Victoria Warehouse in Manchester with Ferrer and Terry and then Liverpool and something else, then more on the 1st then home 🙂

What’s your favourite trainer brands?

A: Replay

D: Converse


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