Cowlin Presents: Denney

This time Cowlin has caught up with an artist who is definitely making an impact on the underground music scene. He is a part of Steve Lawlers’s ‘VIVA‘ Music Label as well as being a resident of the VIVA Warriors party at Sankeys in Ibiza.

His February 2015 track ‘Low Frequency’ was sitting at number 1 on the Beatport Tech House charts for over 5 weeks.

We welcome Denney to the series! 

Denney 2

Let’s start with talking about the after hours mix which was aired with Pete Tong… This must feel amazing for you?

Absolutely! I have been listening to Pete’s show since I was 12 years old so to be invited on it was amazing.

How did this happen?

He has been supporting my music and made “Low Frequency” Essential New Tune, then invited me onto the show.

Your favourite track to play mid set?

Monday Club “Kanpipe”

Your views on the current affair with Ten Walls? 

I think that considering House music started in the gay clubs and the whole ethos is freedom and love, he is obviously in the wrong career.


Anywhere in the world where you have played which you would love to go back and play? Not Ibiza..

Renate in Berlin without a doubt, I absolutely love it in there and am dying to go back to play.

Have your productions changed in style at all since you first started?

Of course, you continuously evolve and always try new ideas.  I’ve always predominantly made House music though.

Which well established artist was the first to play one of your tracks?

Nic Fanciulli and he actually signed the track to his label Saved Records.

How did the link up happen?

We met whilst playing at the same club many moons ago and just kept in contact.

Ibiza plans this season? 

Im living here all summer with a residency for VIVa Warriors and also will be returning to DC10 to play for Paradise.

Any other releases you have coming within the next two months which hasn’t been announced yet?

Low Frequency is getting a re-release on Ministry Of Sound complete with remixes and a Music video. Then I also have remixes on Classic, Skint and Circus Recordings.

What does your studio setup consist of?

I use mainly soft synths within Cubase along with loads of plug ins and audio samples.  My drums are one shot samples programmed within Kontakt.  At the end of this year im going to totally upgrade the studio and start investing in loads of outboard gear.

Favourite VST plugin to use?

I love all Rob Papen’s stuff, they change all the time but Predator is always good.

Your trapped on an island. You get to choose one item that stays with you.. What is this item?

A solar powered music system with a fully stocked ipod.

An artist that you believe in the next 6 months will blow up?

Detlef, he’s on fire.

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