Cowlin Presents: Dean Chapple & James Daniels

Dean Chapple and James Daniels attitude to music has lead them into the abnormal and unconventional side to house music bouncing warehouse sounds through to tech, leading to their current style of production and live sets. The pair reside from totally different musical backgrounds with Dean incorporating his usual techy style with James Daniels anchoring towards a deeper side of house, creating a not so down the middle blend.


Although the pair enjoy the same genres, the last couple of years maturity has spoken pushing them into the personal preference of underground music in areas left untouched by other DJs and producers.


The short career that the two have built together has seen them supported by and supporting many global labels and artists such as Danny Tenaglia, Marco Carola, Cristian Varela, Sam Divine, Ivan Pica and of course Steve Lawler with his ongoing support with their summer anthem ‘Revelry’. All of which is Influencing and helping to shape their attention grabbing sound.


Cowlin caught up with them to discuss how their pairing came to be and what the future hold in store…


Welcome boys, having known you both for a while now and seeing how much you have progressed, the time has finally come to get this interview done! Firstly, how did you two meet?

As it happens, we actually met when we worked at River Island, we were 16 and 17 and we’ve been mates since then really.

Have you two ever thought of joining forces under an ‘alias’ name?

We spoke about it a little but thought we would only do it if we went into a completely different genre. Although the name James Dean would be quite cool.

Revelry EP

Individually, who’s your favourite artist?

D: A hard one but I’m usually attracted to a gritty tech sound, really feeling Dario D’ Attis’ work at the moment though.

J: Its Fritz Wentink for me his music is just so weird and quirky and I love it.

Currently, what does your studio set up consist of?

We use Sony Acid, turns out we like being a bit different but it works for us. Then we use Native Instruments Massive as the main synthesiser accompanied by the Akai MPK midi keyboard and Behringer MS20 studio speakers. Next on the shopping list is the Roland 808 machine.

Having seen lots recently that Viva Warriors honcho, Steve Lawler has been supporting your music, have you got anything in the pipelines for Viva Warriors record label?

Now you mention it, we tweeted Steve asking if we could send him a demo on account of him supporting Revelry and he replied saying ‘for you of course’. We’ve sent it over but now its just a waiting game to be honest. Fingers crossed though, it would be sick getting signed to Viva.

How did this initial Steve Lawler link up take place?

It actually came through Exotic Refreshment sending Revelry out as a promo to DJs, then Kal from Undergound Audio got in touch as he was touring with Lawler at the time and said that he’d had been playing our track at We Are FSTVL, Sonar, Viva Warriors in Ibiza and that he loved it and the rest is history as they say.

Talk us through all your recent tracks you’ve had signed to record labels?

Our recent signings have actually been pretty good if we might say so. We’ve signed to Proud Runs Deep which we’re really excited about and also, Rui Da Silva’s Kismet Records which is awesome seeing as we were both into Trance and loved his ‘Touch Me’ track. We’d say they are the main ones and the most exciting as well.

2016 is just around the corner, so do you have a game plan set up for the next 12 months?

Not really, just fucking wing it and keep making music. It’s worked for us so far so really it’s just going to be broadening our connections waiting for that big one to come around.

What do you both get up to in your free time?

D: I’m pretty good at doing nothing, but I try and spend as much time as I can writing new bits or learning something fancy in the studio.

J: Personally, I like to read books at book club and take walks, I’m kidding it’s making music obviously but then I also do kickboxing as well.

Individually, who has inspired you both to this day?

D: I’ve been into dance music since I was proper young so its hard to pin point one name but Audiojack’s early electro-ish stuff from 2006 or ’07 was a real turning point for me.

J: For me, I’m into the deeper side of house so it would be Maya Jane Coles when she first came onto the scene with that piano and synth based sound and cool percussion. An example would be her remix of Tom Middleton’s ‘Cicadas’ track. If you haven’t heard it, you need to.

Any current projects that you two are working on?

We’ve actually got loads of projects in the pipeline, a few that are being made still and some already finished and being sent off as demos. Some really cool tunes that we can’t wait to share with everyone.

Any record labels in mind?

Obviously Viva Music but the main ones are Underground Audio and Kling Klong. No asking for much are we.

Having recently appeared in Jacky’s recent recorded mix, ‘Fresh Kicks’ for DJ Mag. What was the track of yours that was featured?

It was our Revelry track that got featured. To be honest, we weren’t expecting to be featured. We got told by one of the local DJs (T.Bunts) that we were in there so it was a really nice surprise.

How did this link up take place with Jacky?

It was by complete chance but we’re really grateful for him including it. After messaging him to say thanks he mentioned it taking about a week to find it, he clearly likes the track.

In the future do you hope that you both will just work on group projects or do you think you will still do projects by yourself?

We’ll still do projects on our own because we make different sounds and one of the main reason for not having a joint alias is so we can do separate projects, we come up with strong ideas separately too and it allows us to take different paths when making connections. its why the joint venture is working as it’s a bit different.


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