Countdown to sobriety…


This time next week I will be beginning my sober lent, 40 days and 40 nights of sobriety with not a drop of alcohol. No doubt it will be a lonely journey, as my nearest and dearest give me a wide birth due to the fact my unimpaired cognitive capacity, will allow me to remember their every misstep and drunken murmuring over the next 6 weeks. But I am sure that it will be worth it. For me the reasons for me giving up alcohol for this little period of time are both numerous and obvious, but let me outline them anyway:

Weight loss

Yep vanity is the number one reason. Summer is coming up fast and I’ve not been a member of a gym for about 4 years, so the quickest way to restrict my waist expansion is by giving up the calorific delights of several Camden Hells IPAs or a bucketful of Jameson and gingers.

Save money

Even sticking to the recommended weekly allowance of alcohol (21 Units for a male if you weren’t sure), I’d be looking at spending about £50 on booze a week whilst frequenting your average London watering hole.  Over the course of lent that would be a cool £300. That’s without factoring in the amount of chicken I consume on the nights out as I do my best impression of the Chicken Connoisseur, or the Addison Lees that get me home after a night out or the full English from the local café the morning after…


It’s got to the stage where it seems I spend most of my time looking forward to nothing but nights out on the piss and holidays where I can have nights out on the piss surrounded by people I can’t understand. It wasn’t always like this though. I used to enjoy other things. Like, seeing people and just having a catch up or a laugh, spending time enjoying my own company and relaxing, even reading books on the odd occasion. Hopefully with all the time that is freed up from not having the crippling hangovers that come with being over 30 years old and having had more than 4 drinks of a night. I will be able to learn a language, read some books maybe even build a shelf or two, because that’s what adults do right?

With all of the above said however, what is clear from the general response from others is, that by giving up alcohol for any longer than a week and for any other reason than health. I am essentially committing social suicide. Nobody want’s to hang around with a man who isn’t slurring his words for most of the hours between Friday night and Monday morning back at work. Fingers crossed though, that seeing as most of my friends precede the days of me getting booze Britain drunk at University. That our bonds of friendship are strong enough to see us through to the other end of this silly not drinking nonsense, but if it’s not I guess I’ll just stick to shelf building and learning French.



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