Commuting Is The Perfect Time To Hustle

Unless you are blessed enough to live a few streets over from where you work, or if you are one of those people that gets to work from home, then your commute is essentially nothing more than dreaded, tedious and wasted time, and you have to endure that fact every day. So, how can you change this?

Well, if you are commuting by car, you first need to educate yourself on just how much money that is costing you so that you start using public transport more often. If you are already a big fan of public transport then you get to start at level two. You see, while public transport also falls under the category of dreaded, tedious and wasted time, it does give you the chance to use that time a bit more efficiently because, well, your hands are free.

What do we mean by more efficiently? We mean you could be using this time to make a little bit of extra cash, of course. So, without further ado, here are the best ways you can maximise your income while on your way to work.

Get Onto Facebook Marketplace

Anyone that is still using eBay or Craigslist is doing so because they have established themselves on there, created a following and set up a profitable shop. This is still possible, but it isn’t as easy as it was. Why is that? Simple. Because Facebook has entered that industry with its marketplace, and the popularity keeps on climbing. Anyway, what you should do is use your commute time to add listings, upload images, set prices and post them on whatever social media sites are worth posting on. These are tasks that you never get around to doing, so why not make it your priority each morning.

Try Your Luck Now And Then

So long as you are responsible with your strategy, there is nothing that says you can’t make a few extra bucks each day by pulling out your phone and live playing a casino game. Set yourself a modest target to hit, and a shallow loss meter so that you know when to call it a day, and see how you do at the end of each commute. There could be a particular game you are good at, or one where the odds are slightly better. Just make sure you are wise. That’s the key.

Writing On The Side

Everyone has the ability to write because it is one of those things that is subjective, something that the reader decides whether they like or not. What’s more, there are plenty of ways you can use this little passion of yours as a side hustle. Magazines often look for writers, the blogging game is blowing up like never before, contributions are wanted and copywriters are in high demand. So, why not try your hand at these on your way to work by clicking on the ‘write for us’ sections and seeing what happens. Who knows, this could be the start of a whole new career path.


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