Channing Tatum Parodies Van Damme. It’s Not Funny

American stripper-turned-actor and receiver of many postal deliveries of women’s underwear Channing Tatum has gone and done a parody of THAT Van Damme splits video.

We all love a good zero to hero story, and Channing Tatum is an okay one. He went from dancer in a cheap strip club (cheesy, but not altogether that “zero”) to okay actor and sometime producer (good on him, pat on the back, but not all that “hero”). His attempted Van Damme piss take is similarly mediocre.

Now, obviously, whether you like it or not, the Van Damme commercial’s whole premise relies on the surprise denouement. Tatum and his posse seem to have understood this, so far so good, but the problem is that their “surprise” is neither unpredictable, nor particularly funny.

We all happen to know Tatum to be incredibly athletic, even straight men have reluctantly, and some pretty enthusiastically, admitted that his gymnastics in Magic Mike are impressive. The expectation, then, is that Tatum is about to trample the smugness right out of Damme in one fell swoop. We expect a surprise that either rivals or outdoes the original. What follows feels like an unfortunately humourless cop out. Better luck next time folks.

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