Careers That Will Push the Planet Forward

How do you choose a career? To some people, the bottom line is how much money they’ll earn. For others, it’s about finding something that they love to do and then trying to find a way to make a living from their passion. But others are different; for them, it’s all about doing something that will have a net positive impact on the planet. Fortunately, there are plenty of these positions available; the world needs more people who are willing to dig deep and make the world a better place. Below, we take a look at a handful of careers that have the capacity to do a lot of good for the world.

The Future of Tech

Whether you like it or not, technology is here to stay. It’s become a pretty big part of life in the past two decades, and it shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. If it’s here to stay, then we need to make sure that it’s used in a responsible way. Like everything else, it can be used for good, or it can be used for bad! Will it make us happier, safer, and more productive? Or will keep us isolated from one another, and a slave to our screens? If you’re a natural whizz when it comes to all things tech, get in the game and make sure it’s used in the best way possible.

Industry and Building

It might seem like the industrial revolution has been and gone, but this isn’t true; we’re still living through it. The good news is that it’s getting safer all the time. There’s little chance that humans are going to stop building and upping their industrial game anytime soon, but with the right people behind the wheels, we can ensure that it’s safer and cleaner than ever before. If you’re interested in things like hydraulic fittings, clean energy, and keeping workers safe, then look at finding work in this sector. If humans are going to keep relying on machinery to bring progress to the world, then they’ll need to do it in a safe and responsible way.

Fixing the Issues

Of course, there’s no getting around the fact that the world is far from perfect. While we have many issues that we need to deal with, the biggest threat might be climate change. The effects are already beginning to be felt! How we combat these threats are still up for debate, but what is clear is that in the coming years, we’re going to get serious about our approach. We’ll also need people with plenty of ideas for solving many of the logistical issues that arise from increased temperatures and rising sea levels.

Delivering Food

The world isn’t getting any larger, but the number of people living on the planet is increasing all the time. It’s jumped from two billion to seven billion in a matter of a hundred years, and it’s predicted that it’s going to rise by another two billion in the coming decades. Of all the potential problems that this might cause, the most pressing is food related. How do you feed nine billion, on a planet that has to reduce its dependency on meat? That’ll be up to you to figure out. Work on solving the world’s hunger crisis, and you’ll be doing humanity a great service.

Smart City Planning

Rocking around the city can be fun; you’re always getting lost, wandering narrow streets, and so on. Yet while this is good when it comes to adventure, it’s a nightmare for efficiency. If you’re useful at figuring out logistical issues, then look at working with cities as an urban planner. It’ll be your job to reduce traffic and make the city more livable.


There may be something of an incorrect label around the entrepreneur; they’re seen as progressive when really they cause more problems than they solve. But there is scope for an entrepreneur to do good on this planet, and without causing harm in the first place. If you see a solution to a global problem, consider setting up a company; people are more willing than ever to invest in companies that have a lasting positive influence.

To the Stars

You want to push the planet forward…but for that to happen, you might have to look to the stars. Get involved with space exploration, and you might just stumble upon something that makes life better for all living creatures on earth…even if that means taking some people to space forever!



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