Canny Methods For Micro Businesses To Get Access To Equipment They Need

Being the little guy can be a tight spot in the world of business. After all, you often don’t have the budget for all the fancy bells and whistles that multinational corporations do. In fact, it can be a real struggle to even access to the tools and equipment that are vital to the running of your business. However, all is not lost, because below you will find some canny methods for getting your hands on the right tech and equipment even if your coffers aren’t currently overflowing!

New equipment like 3D printers can be prohibitively expensive for small businesses.

Second hand

One tactic is to reject buying items brand new and go for preloved and reconditioned models instead. These are often a great deal cheaper than those that are rolling directly off the production line, and usually have a fair amount of life still in them as well.

Of course, you do need to be careful when buying in this fashion and go through a recognised dealer that offers a warranty. Otherwise, if you do a direct person to person transaction through sites such as eBay, you may be left with a rather expensive dud that conks out after the first few uses.

Asset finance

The next tactics to consider when you are in serious need of some equipment that is beyond your budget is asset finance.

Asset finance can work particularly well in this situation because it will allow you to have access to brand new tools and equipment without having to raise the capital to pay for them. This is because it is the finance company that will actually own the tool or piece of equipment and then they will allow you access to it straight away, while you pay off the cost to them in instalments.

Of course, just like any loan or credit agreement whether will be a cost associated with this service. However, it is a fanatics way of getting a brand new piece of equipment like a laser cutter for jewellery, or a 3d printer or even a powerful iMac that your business would otherwise be lost without.


It is also possible to lease the item of equipment that you want from an independent provider. Something that usually entails you putting down a deposit and then paying a monthly fee.

Although, before you sign a leasing contract be sure to check that it covers delivery and pick up of the items as well as serving and repair. Otherwise, your effort to save money may have all been in vain because you will get landed with extra charges that you weren’t expecting.


Lastly, you may also wish to consider the option of joining up and cooperating with another company that also need the piece of equipment that you do. Then you will be able to share the cost and save a significant amount of money.

Of course, this tactic will also have some practical implications as well, such as only being able to use the equipment at certain prearranged times, or in a particular location. Something that you will need to decide is going to work in a practical sense before you go ahead with this strategy.



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